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December 8, 2022

Easy MES system implementation

In batch or automated production, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is indispensable for successful production management.

The purpose of the system is to support the tracking of the productivity of machines (resources) and work orders. It is important that the system is fully connectable with the ERP system or other sub-modules.


The process of introducing and developing a new system in your environment:

➡️Face-to-face meeting and review of expectations on both sides.

➡️Description of the overall process and elements. According to the description of the operation and your wishes, the configuration of the solution is made.

➡️For faster implementation and easier transition, we also take care of the connectivity of devices, machines, and lines and we connect the system with other software systems in the company (ERP, etc.).

➡️Almost everything is ready to use and start up but we need one more meeting to train all the employees and board who will be using the new software solution.

➡️Preparing the implementation plan and handing over all the necessary information for proper operation.


By capturing and displaying data from machines, lines, and devices in real-time, by implementing paperless production, and by accurate analytics, you will save time, money and reduce the chance of human error.